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Sherri Coldewe

a month ago

My neck and shoulders were so tight and hurting terribly. My friend recommended Oriental Energy, so I decided to go in and give it a try. For $30.00 I had the best back, shoulder and neck massage in 30 minutes! No appointment, no wait! I just keep asking myself why I did not try this sooner.
Just beware that it does get a little intense because they really apply pressure, but oh my do I feel better!


Al Robert

Awesome massage!

 —  at Oriental Energy

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Tosha Luhrsen at Oriental Energy for a massage

September 17 at 2:10pm · St. Louis, Missouri, MO · 

A Quick Stop for a Massage... I really need to do this Monthly


Yelp Review 

After hoofing it around St. Louis with a day of sightseeing and shopping, I almost wept with happiness when I saw a massage spot conveniently located in the mall. 

Although it cost more than double what it is in NYC ($25 or less for an hour foot rub), it did the trick :) My old Chinese masseur was being rather dainty on my feet so I asked, "stronger please~!" And proceeded to batter my feet into submission. Just the way I like it! If I had more time and a non-antsy husband with me, I would have done the 90 minute full body massage and foot rub for $70 since that is actually a pretty good deal ^_^


Yelp Review 

I was walking past Oriental Energy and noticed they had a reflexology special (30 minutes for $15).  I don't know how many times I have gotten pedicures elsewhere - just for the foot massage, only to leave disappointed.

I can't say that the experience at  Oriental Energy was relaxing.  They go to town on your feet, hitting pressure points hard - it's rough!  But, they got the job done.  I literally felt energy shoot from my toes to my head and my feet feel great.  So worth $15!!  Also, the place was very clean.

I don't know how often they run this special.  The posted prices are $1 per minute.  I know that refloxology is said to have many indirect health benefits.  All I know is that I have felt increased energy and much better all day long.  Highly recommended._

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No one will believe that the best massages I have ever gotten are in a mall! . Always fantastic. 

Usually I just the guys to rub my back that is really a brick wall. I need strong hands for this mess! I was SO wrong! A woman (sorry I did not get a name, I'm more of a face person) who did an AWESOME job. I spent 5 hours of standing making cookies last night and I walked out feeling like I could do 5 more! I was wreck when I got there! One big ball of OW all over!

I really love this place. Every time I go I wonder why I bother to go any where else. 

Who needs a salon?  I still feel weird saying a massage place with clothes on is better then those nice salons but I would rather have quality of massage then the soft music and candles frankly. I need results so I can get some rest at night.

If you are aching this is a GREAT place to go!

Reasonable, average price.

TLDR:  Awesome. Been here 5 times and have yet to have a bad massage.  Located 1st floor outside of Macy's. West County Mall


Yelp Review 

I came here on the recomendation of my cousin and his girlfriend. 30.00 for 30 minutes and you feel great. 

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